Enough Enough Enough. Seems like I was just here writing this last week. Oh wait I was. I thought I'd spent all the tears I had over this. Seems not. Seems our society just cannot seem to understand the value of a human life. The gun worship goes on, and the senseless slaughter continues.

I repeat myself here, I know. But yesterday I felt something I should never have felt more than once in a lifetime. That gut wrenching moment when you hear there's a gunman on a rampage, and your children may be in danger. It was as if I was right there with them. I knew what that felt like. I felt it the day a madman picked up a 9mm in Tucson and began his slaughter of the innocent.

Yesterday, too many parents had that moment. And for many it will never end. They didn't get the whoosh sigh of relief when their kids were back in their arms. They never will. I cried more tears yesterday than I have in a lifetime.

And then came the pundits.... this isn't the time to talk about gun control. It's a time to grieve. BULLSHIT.

Guns don't kill, people do.

Know what I think? If you read my blog, you already do, I know. But I'll say it again. That statement makes me physically ill. People kill people with guns.

People will kill people with other weapons given the opportunity. It can happen... but... now I'm gonna argue that.

Yesterday, in Connecticut, a young man, just out of childhood himself, slaughtered 28 people. 20 little children. 20 kindergarteners. 20 little pixie-faced, eager and excited babies all ready for the holidays. With guns.

Yesterday in China, a man tried to kill dozens of little children at a school. A madman on a rampage, just like here. Only he didn't have any guns. He had knives. And those beautiful little children in China? Alive today.

Last night in Las Vegas a murder suicide in a hotel lobby. With a gun.

This morning 3 people shot in an Alabama hospital. Another gun.

So perhaps it's time to revisit your twisted grotesque argument about "guns don't kill". Don't ever ever use that again. It makes you appear stupid.

To be clear, I'm not talking about enacting laws and more regulations. I'm talking about removing guns from the bedroom closet and reducing the number of guns manufactured. I want fewer guns, not more laws. Criminals don't obey laws. So I'm not looking for prohibition... I want a world where people don't WANT guns. So a world where they aren't easily available, well, that would be a start.

Why are we making weapons to sell to civilians on the open market? Why are we making weapons at all? Why the hell do we live in a society that fights evil with evil? Why do we make video games and movies that glorify mass violence?

Personally, I don't care what the statistics are. I don't care about your lame excuses. Our precious children do not need to pay the price for your sick desire to own guns without a purpose.

My neighbor is a K-9 officer. He needs the gun. My other neighbor serving in Afghanistan? He needs a gun. The Resource Officers at our local schools? They need the guns. Are you a soldier? A security officer? Police Officer? Is it your job to protect and defend anyone? No? Then you simply don't need the gun.


Just sayin.

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