For all you moms out there...

Mother's Day. I will put aside every bit of stress and angst and pent up hostility at the idiots we have elected to office and focus on family. Today it's about being a mom. It's about my mom, who raised 6 kids in a crazy place and time and we all managed to turn out ok. Of course the term OK is relative. And yes of course my dad was there too, but this is MOTHERS DAY. So it's about her. She did well, and now that she has finished that phase of life she is finally free to move on to her next phase...the active senior lifestyle. No, not golf, or Mah Jong. Uh uh. My mom is out there venting all that pent up frustration and angst and stress about those idiot elected officials. You go mom. She's still looking out for us. And we've yet to really show our appreciation.

Meanwhile, I have spent a relaxing day reflecting on my biggest achievements. My daughters. They are two of the quirkiest, most joyous, adventurous, cynical, imaginative young women you'll ever meet and I love them more than life itself. That's it.

So to all you Moms, and Dads who play the role of moms, cause I know you're out there too....this one's for you. Here's how we kids express our appreciation. Click and enjoy the best tribute on the web.

Happy Mother's Day. 

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